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Istya's story is one of strong values, inclusion, innovation, boldness and sustainability.

Istya was created in 2021, and its values have remained unchanged ever since. Inclusion, Innovation, Audacity and Sustainability are the four main guidelines of the Istya project. Whether in the work environment or in human relations between colleagues, these four values are inseparable from what Istya stands for and what we work for.

Icône Mission de Istya


At Istya, our mission is twofold. Firstly, our mission is to help the environment, which we do by reducing energy bills and air pollution with our air quality sensors. On the other hand, we are acting for the health of users, thanks to our solutions that enable a complete analysis of air quality. Ultimately, our mission is to protect our environment, whether it’s our planet or our customers.

Icône signification istya


Istya takes its name from the Greek goddess Hesita. In ancient times, the Greeks dedicated altars to Hestia in the center of towns and houses to remind them that she was always watching over them.

What’s more, to protect the future and avoid repeating the mistakes of the past, it’s essential to rely on knowledge. This is why Istya refers to the imperative of the verb oîda (“I know”) in Greek: isthe “know”, isthian “know”.

Icône fondateur de istya


Keylany Hassine is an ambitious and committed entrepreneur. He gained his first professional experience with the LVMH group in Paris, Tokyo, Osaka and Ankara. Concerned by ecological issues and the fight against pollution, he launched the Istya project in December 2019 and joined the European UIA DIAMS project with the support of the Aix-Marseille-Provence Metropolis, convinced that there will be no systemic change without economic players.


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